Does anyone have a steam gift code for “The Ship”?

I’d LOVE to play this game again but sadly do not have a credit card to purchase it for currently $5.06.

But what I do know is that you get 2 free copies of “The Ship” when you get it, and this post is basically just asking if any of my followers/someone generous who stumbles across this post has any of their game codes to give out!

Thank you! :D 

I find it funny that the symbol for “liking” something on tumblr is a heart.

Happy Earth Day everybody

I just realized, is this sort of like Earth’s Birthday?


I just met you, and haven’t experienced much with you yet, but… I think I love you.

You’re so shy, and innocent, and you worrying about your babbling is adorable.

I just hope you turn out to be a lesbian so you and my Dragon Age 2 character can hook up, you really make me want to re-roll as an Elf Mage.