So there’s this girl

In my senior survival skills class, who I am not emotionally attracted to, nor intellectually attracted to, but I really, really, want to have sex with her. The reason I’m posting this is because I feel kind of bad that I want nothing else to do with her other than for that purpose, and I think it’s a possible thing. If the situation were ever to present itself, I’d feel fully obligated to let her know that I had no other feelings for her, and just hope for the best response.

I sometimes think to myself

"Wow, I don’t have anything cool I can do, there’s nothing I can spend time progressing on in the day that shows my inspiration for something, like painting, drawing, building etc."

But then I try and console myself by thinking of how awesome and understanding I am, and how kind I am, and how funny to myself I can be. Then I come to the conclusion that everything is all right, and I’m doing just fine.

But then I think "Fuck what if someone is both of what is mentioned above."

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My competition

Is mother-fucking trilingual.

I wish more people set me up to be awesome

Like, I have all this awesome stuff to say, but nobody ever gives me the chance to do so. You have no idea how many scenarios I have planned out.

Anything awesome you’ve ever heard me say, chances are I’ve been planning to say that for months.

Probably very little of you have heard me say anything awesome, come to think of it.