Guys back this project! It has so much potential and I don’t want to see it go to waste! Only 3 days left!

This is Day Z in a nutshell.

Dungeons and Dragons

I’m trying to start a game of this for the first time with a few friends and I’m basically looking for someone with more experience to help GM or to even GM for us/start us off with basic info. We’re about to go out and purchase The Red Box to get us started but I still feel like I’m in the dark about more than that will help enlighten.

PS: Also if anyone else is interested I’m sure I could work out a way for you to play with us!

PPS: No douchebags.

Dear video game designers

I LIKE using controllers, stop making games that don’t use any.

Somebody buy this for me pl0x!

We’d even get 5 copies of The Ship to handout and play! We’d have the best of times! :’D

Does anyone have a steam gift code for “The Ship”?

I’d LOVE to play this game again but sadly do not have a credit card to purchase it for currently $5.06.

But what I do know is that you get 2 free copies of “The Ship” when you get it, and this post is basically just asking if any of my followers/someone generous who stumbles across this post has any of their game codes to give out!

Thank you! :D 


This right here is a link to an awesome developer page for a game called Overgrowth.

I can only explain it as a ninja-rabbit-super-intricate-indie-fighting game that I’m very excited for, and you should totally check it out if you’re into action/fighting/indie/thrilling amazing awesome computer games! I for one am very excited for this game to be released, and anticipate all news I receive about this game, and would just love to share it with you all!

I’m sure they would appreciate the attention they deserve, too.

Dragon Age 2

Is currently installing.

Man I love torrenting.