What I want in a girl

I’d like a girl who wants to explore, a girl that wants to travel. Someone who’s witty and gets my humor, who is open-minded and will speak about it, a girl who doesn’t find talking to be necessary 100% of the time, and can find peace in silence. I want a girl who loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a girl who would visit a public venue and taps their feet to the music. Somebody who would give anyone a chance, and isn’t prejudice. Someone who won’t always take people’s words about other people, and learns about them herself. I want a girl who can be curious about anything and everything, someone who enjoys picnics, and would take a classic dance class with me just for fun. I want this girl to have astounding morals, and an understanding of culture and society. Someone who’s accepting of all walks of life, and can see their point of view. A girl that can get dirty and walk barefoot with no problem at all, a girl who prefers flats over heels, and wears t-shirts as often as dresses. Someone with a ton of embarrassing stories that they have no problem telling. This girl would never be caught dead flipping to America’s Next Top Model from the Star Wars marathon on FX. Someone who is always willing to try a new food at least once, and not spit it into the napkin. A girl who would go scuba diving at any given chance, and touch the bottom. Someone who loves movies, reads and watches documentaries. Someone who loves art, and science! A girl who likes to cook, and she could be terrible at it and laugh about it. A girl who’s kind hearted, and thinks of others first. I want a girl who can show me how different they are from anyone I could have ever thought up, and enthrall me by blowing my standards out of the water. With a bitchin’ ass, too.